What is femininity?

Q. What is femininity?

Because this is a question I have been asking myself. Because it is a question someone asked me once and I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. Because.

Femininity is the mysterious, the teasing, the supple, the sparkling. It is powerful in its ability to manifest through a subtle manipulation of matter or mind. Femininity is openness; the skill to face a problem or challenge with savvy, to be fearless in the face of great emotion, to be unflinching in the face of joy or grief.

Femininity can take the world as it is presented, and with a deft hand or a gentle touch, transform it into something more beautiful.

The feminine is the circle, or the spiral, or the labyrinth.

Femininity is the interplay of textures, just like the interplay of tears and laughter.

The feminine is the high priestess, the good witch, the crone, the one who looks at the hand they were dealt and appreciates it, is responsible to it, mothers it, nurtures it.

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