Harvest Time

There is a quote that goes something like: “Always plant three times the quantity you expect to want, because you need to feed yourself, the animals, and your thieving neighbors.”  Perhaps it is of Shaker origin? If you know the true source, please let me know.

All of our family members have gardens, and graciously gift us with beautiful vegetables come late summer and early fall.

At Daniel’s grandfather’s house we collected peppers; the peppers of mysterious origin. You never know for sure if one will be hot or not. (The Indian food we made last night ended up with a surprise ultra hot rating.)

At my father’s house we get tomatoes, at Daniel’s sister’s we are gifted with peppers and cucumbers.

We’ve never had a garden, having always lived in a fifth floor city condo with no lawn. But, as our lives veer away from the city and towards the forest, Daniel is developing plans for a “wild forest garden”, which he imagines peaceably sharing with the local deer and raccoons.




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