Color Inspirations

Season after season, I find myself looking towards photos and memories of natural settings to choose colors for the new collection. For fall and winter of 2017, I was intensely interested in a bright yellow-green shade that reflected fall leaves. It was an odd color for a lingerie set, but It fit well with the more usual shades of peach and blossom.  We called the yellow-golden shade goldenrod, and it’s a little hard to describe- hints of mustard, with a darker green undertone, but distinctly golden bright still.

Myrtle was another color choice that I have rarely seen in underwear collections:  it’s a shade of middle green, that has a dusky, misty feel. It recalled evergreen forests in the fog.

One of my favorite flowers as a child was cornflowerThe beautiful and delicate light indigo petals always seemed like little bits of another world.


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