Making Things: Animations

I have a bit of a soft spot for calligraphy and illuminated manuscripts.  Over the holiday break I got together a set of calligraphy pens and thought about how to incorporate the use of beautiful words into our photographic pieces.

2017-12-27 07.49.51

My first thought, it being upcoming on Valentine’s Day, was to write love letters.  But romanticism has never been my cup of tea, preferring pragmatism and quirky beauty above all.

One of the sets we had just restocked (and expanded the size range!) was my ever-favorite Midnight in organic cotton.  Midnight tends to make one think of star charts.

Some navy paper, some silver paint, and several hours later I was very pleased with the result.


Photography by the very skilled and much fun Paul Schafer, who has been helping us greatly improve our product photos.

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