Three Lists

When I arrived in the studio yesterday, I made three lists.

Things I should do.

Things I want to do.

Things I’m afraid to do.

I constrained the parameters to just studio work, by the way.  Otherwise those could be very long lists.

This was after a few days spent diligently and timefully completing year end inventory and bookkeeping. After that many hours of organized and productive work, I wanted to have fun.

Into the Things I should do list went some items like “complete and make sample for pattern #3071” and “test out new trims and closures”.

Into the Things I want to do list went “make clothing for myself.”

And into the Things I’m afraid to do went some items relating to the secret art project I’ve been working on for the past six months.

Anyway, creative process notes: I just decided to reward myself by making clothing for myself. Three days of inventory, sales tax, 1099s, and general year end bookkeeping for 2 companies?  Yes, I deserve new clothing. 😉




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