Notions refers to the tiny bits of things that get attached to clothing in the construction process.  It’s a catch-all term that includes: buttons, zippers, elastics, labels, bindings, closures, and thread.

One of the challenges of made-in-the-usa is that almost all notions are now made overseas.

For years, customers have been asking for bras with back closures.  I have been, until now, unable to find any back closures that I liked anywhere.  There are a few parameters that I needed: it had to come in multiple attractive colors, or have a dye service option. It needed to have a good high quality hand feel.  It needed to not have that cheap feeling fuzzy back that many of these products have.

Miraculously, (or so it seems to me) while searching for hooks and eyes for my secret art project, I encountered a newish trim vendor in NY importing from Italy.  Fabulous!



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