A gratuitous photo of our dog Gracie with Primavera by Botticelli.      

Stop Motion

Here in work at home land we’ve been getting a little playful with the still life. For more, check out our instagram  

International Shipping

Per request, we’ve added first class mail international shipping to select countries. That’s $12 USD flat per package.   For more info, and to see which countries we now ship to, please check out our updated shipping page.  

Minute by Minute, Easy by Easy

This is Gracie.  She is a six month old Belgian Malinois, and now, she is often my studio partner. I’ve never had a puppy before, and generally, starting with a high drive breed is not recommended.  Thus, this has been an interesting past few weeks of adjustments! In reflecting on why I would have willingly taken…

Summer Preparations

Living in the northeast one feels the change of seasons strongly and suddenly. The weather seems to veer from cold and damp to sunny and glorious with little warning.  There are two weeks of terrible black flies, followed by a few weeks of tolerable mosquitoes, and then it is really here: Summer. About a year…

Spring Clothing Capsule

Our spring 2018 clothing capsule is here. Enjoy. Shown: Organic Cotton Tank Top in Midnight, Fog, & White Jersey Slip in Buff, Meteorite, & Macaron Organic Legging in Black & Slate Jersey Short in Goldenrod & Stone

Spring Stock Up

It’s that moment in late February where the daylight starts to open up and you start to think about spring cleaning, or spring arranging, or spring stocking. Add some houseplants. Rearrange furniture. Do the annual closet purge. Start designing your spring and summer wardrobe. Get a fresh notebook or two for some new thoughts. One…

A Capsule Wardrobe for Your BodyMind

Get out your pens and notebooks, writing exercise ahead… Creating a capsule wardrobe of well-curated thoughts patterns and emotional structures: What are the thought patterns I want to encourage in my life? (eg: creativity, growth, inspiration, future-orientation, relationship-oriented, etc.) a. b. c. d. e. What are the thought patterns that I would like to remove?…

Rediscovering Simplicity

Q. How do I simplify my life? Because, like most, I have a plurality and diversity of interests that at times can get overwhelming.  Think of it like selecting a capsule wardrobe for your mindbody. Start with an overview. Get a sense of the various aspects of your life which are feeling complicated. Review them…