Moon Phases

One of the things we have been learning about this year- and tracking via journal- are phases of the moon.  You’ll see it mentioned on our instagram every quarter step (full  🌕 third quarter 🌗 new 🌑 first quarter 🌓). 🌑 New Moon:  new beginnings 🌒 Waxing Crescent: conceptualization 🌓 First Quarter: action 🌔 Waxing…

How To Measure

On the new site we have added a newly rewritten (thank you amazing copywriter Virginia! ) Size Guide, with better (clearer) directions on how to measure.  I thought I’d proudly share our cute little sketches as well.


A gratuitous photo of our dog Gracie with Primavera by Botticelli.      

Website Refresh

We just did the big update-  new website on a new platform. For years we were on Magento, which is neat because it is open source, but the open-source managers appear to have taken the platform way more up market- less appropriate for a smallish business such as ours. So we finally bit the bullet,…

Factory Pictures

Some images from Fall River Massachusetts, from where we do cut, sew, and shipping.  

Stop Motion

Here in work at home land we’ve been getting a little playful with the still life. For more, check out our instagram  

International Shipping

Per request, we’ve added first class mail international shipping to select countries. That’s $12 USD flat per package.   For more info, and to see which countries we now ship to, please check out our updated shipping page.  

Bra In Progress : Productization

I’ve been working on a new bra design with a back closure and more structured cups, in between being distracted by the new puppy and my secret art project. This bra is one I’ve been contemplating adding for a long time.  Simply put, it is the classic cut and sew style bra that can work…


Sometimes it’s good to keep creative projects secret.  I’ve been working for the past several months on something I call my secret art project. Protecting the creative space is a process.  For years, I had a studio that was open to the public.  This was interesting, on some levels, and led to amazing friendships, relationships, and…

New Arrivals

Hello Spring. Despite the snow today, technically, of course, yesterday was the first day of spring. Here are some new arrivals for you to enjoy.  Shop here.